Deciding what to do with your money can be complicated, but Dear Dollars makes it easy. I decided to create Dear Dollars to make money decisions simple. It’s the only website that gives you the single, simple answer upfront, rather than make you scroll through endless pages of things to consider. A really, really, good answer that you can find in 10 seconds is better than the “perfect” answer that you may never find. With “Maximize My Money“, you have a simple-to-follow map to guide you where you should put your next dollar to maximize its value.

Mike Padilla has spent nearly twenty years in financial services, including prior roles as Head of Digital Strategy at Vanguard and T. Rowe Price. He learned from the frontlines of financial jargon and saw firsthand how people struggle with financial decisions even when there were simple solutions. He helped simplify investing for millions of people through easy-to-use mobile apps and websites. He was awarded a patent that helps people visualize mutual funds and assemble them in a portfolio like a kid’s block puzzle. Mike has B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

Mike lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife Colleen and their two children, Kenzie and Kyle, who have been taught these money lessons since they were young.